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This website is basically related to Computer Programming and Web Development Niche and that’s why more than 75% Indian Visitors comes on this site are of Age Group 18 to 25 as below image shows:

Analytics 95Percent Young

That means, most of the traffic of this site is of STUDENTS who either are interested in doing BCA, PGDCA, MCA, M.Sc. I.T. / CS, O-Level, A-Level, B-Level, etc… degree courses or are interested to join theme.

Plus, as you can see in the next image’s analytics data that currently this website is getting approx 250K Pageviews/month from only 23K Unique Users and that’s why, the Bounce Rate is approx 3% which is very low than millions of other websites and Average Session Duration is more than 3 Minutes which very high than millions of other websites and both of these factors are indications that this site is really very useful to our visitors because on average each unique visitor reads approx 9 Pages/Session.

Analytics 3Lac Pageviews

All above statistics specifies that our site is having very High Quality Content and that’s why we have captured Approx 13,000 FeedBurner Subscribers and 50,000+ Website Subscribers which you can see in image below: 

Our 50K+ Website Subscribers

And we are making Good Money with selling our EBooks related to Programming and Web Development. As you can see in the image below that only in January 2015, we have sold our ebooks for more than INR 37K

Income of January 2015 from EBook Selling

And in the same time we earned approx INR 10,000 ($168) from Google AdSense Ads as displaying below:

AdSense Ads Income of January 2015

That means, Total Earning of January 2015 of this site was more than INR 47K+.


Advertise with Us

With the statistics above, you can understand easily about How High Quality of Visitors we have who are interested in Paying for EBooks of Programming and they visits AdSense Ads too.

Since, most of the Visitors and Buyers of this site are basically STUDENTS, so generally so many of them asks our recommendations about Good Institute, College and University that can teach them properly and make them a Good Programmer, so that they could get Good Jobs easily in Software Development Companies.

Since, searching and then recommending Good Institutes, Colleges and Universities related to BCA, PGDCA, MCA, etc… course providers is not feasible to us, So, we decided to open our site for DIRECT ADS.

So, if you think that your Institutes/Colleges is good enough to the STUDENTS coming on this website and you can teach them programming properly so that they could get Good Jobs in Development Companies, we would like to advertise your Institute/College on this website. We have following spots for your DIRECT ADS:

Available Ad Spots

Ad-Spots Pricing

As we stated above that with this website currently we are making approx INR 50K/month that means, this site doesn’t have normal visitors like on other sites but our visitors are basically BUYERS and STUDENTS who either doing DEGREE COURSES or are interested in. So, our ad-spots pricing is based on the Quality of the Traffic that is as follows:


Ad Spot PriceAd SpotPrice
A1₹ 4000/- A3₹ 3000/- 
A2₹ 4000/- A4₹ 3000/- 
A1 + A2₹ 7000/- (125 x 250)A3 + A4₹ 5000/- (125 x 250)
B1₹ 2000/- B3₹ 1500/- 
B2₹ 2000/- B4₹ 1500/- 
B1 + B2₹ 3000/- (125 x 250)B3 + B4₹ 2000/- (125 x 250)
C₹ 8000/- (Full Width)D₹ 6000/- (Full Width)


Ad Spot PriceAd SpotPrice
A1₹ 10000/- A3₹ 8000/- 
A2₹ 10000/- A4₹ 8000/- 
A1 + A2₹ 18000/- (125 x 250)A3 + A4₹ 14000/- (125 x 250)
B1₹ 5000/- B3₹ 4000/- 
B2₹ 5000/- B4₹ 4000/- 
B1 + B2₹ 7000/- (125 x 250)B3 + B4₹ 5000/- (125 x 250)
C₹ 20000/- (Full Width)D₹ 15000/- (Full Width)

So, if you are interested to Advertise your Institute/College on our website, just contact at 097994-55505 or Email Us on [email protected], Don’t worry about the pricing it it looks little bit high. Bargaining is possible on the basis of your Ad-Quality, your required Ad-Position and Ad-Size.

So, let’s work with us, earn with us, grow with us, advertise with us and stay with us.

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