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PHP Tutorial in Hindi: नीचे दिए गए सारे Articles हमारी पुस्‍तक PHP in Hindi से लिए गए हैं जिन्‍हें पढकर आप इस बात का निर्णय ले सकते हैं कि ये पुस्‍तक आपके लिए कितनी उपयोगी है।

इतना ही नहीं, यदि ये EBook खरीदने के बाद भी आपको EBook में दिए गए किसी Programming Concept को समझने में परेशानी आती है, तो आप हमसे Online Chatting, WhatsApp या Email के माध्‍यम से Contact करके अपनी खरीदी गई eBook से सम्‍बंधित समस्‍याओं का समाधान प्राप्‍त कर सकते हैं।

यानी EBook Sell करने के बाद भी हम हमारे Customers की Care करते हैं, जो कि किसी भी अन्‍य Book Publisher द्वारा नहीं किया जाता।

  • Basics of INTERNET and WEB Technology
  • What is Internet and Website?
  • How Web Browser Communicates with Web Servers
  • Necessary Hardware and Software for Web Development
  • Main Scripting and Markup Languages of Web Browser
  • Web Development Technologies: Scripting Languages of Server Side.
  • What is Web Development Frameworks?
  • How the PHP has been developed on which more than 60% web is running.
  • How to setup Local Web Server WAMP?
  • Why PHP is the most used scripting language of the world?
  • Creating first Script Code Step by Step. How?
  • Setting PHP Interpreter Path. How?
  • How to setup Local WAMP Server with Aptana Studio?
  • PHP Fundamental Elements. You mush know them.
  • Literals V/s Identifiers and Variables V/s Constants
  • Function, Class and Keywords of PHP
  • What is Associative Array in PHP?
  • How to create Indexed Based Associative Array in PHP?
  • How to create Constructor Based Associative Array in PHP?
  • Scalar Data Types in PHP – Boolean and Integer
  • gettype and settype in PHP: Simply Explained in Hindi
  • Floating Point Number: Working with Real Numbers
  • String in PHP with Escape Sequence Characters
  • Heredoc Statement: Detailed Discussion with Easy Examples
  • Newdoc in PHP – It’s different than Heredoc in PHP
  • Compound Data Type in PHP – Array and Object
  • Special Data Types in PHP
  • Variable in PHP- The way to store and manage values
  • By Value and By Reference in PHP – Variable Initialization and Assignment
  • Variable Variables PHP Way to Pointer of a Pointer
  • Expression vs Statement: Simple Clarification
  • PHP Arithmetical Operators: Too different than other languages
  • String Operators PHP Example to learn easily
  • Increment Decrement PHP Example with Simple Discussion
  • Equality Operators PHP Example Easy to Learn and Follow
  • PHP Relational Operators or PHP Comparative Operators
  • PHP Logical Operators
  • PHP Bitwise Operators
  • PHP Assignment Operators
  • PHP Execution Operator
  • Control Structures in PHP
  • PHP Conditional Statement Examples
  • Switch Case in PHP – Un-Conditional Statement
  • PHP Looping Statements
  • PHP Jump Statements – break, continue, goto, return
  • PHP Create Array
  • PHP Multidimensional Array
  • PHP in Hindiये Article इस वेबसाईट पर Selling हेतु उपलब्‍ध EBook PHP in Hindi से लिया गया है। इसलिए यदि ये Article आपके लिए उपयोगी रहा, तो निश्चित रूप से ये पुस्तक भी आपके लिए काफी उपयोगी साबित होगी। 

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