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यदि आप .NET Framework का प्रयोग करते हुए Database आधारित Console, Desktop या Web Application Develop करना चाहते हैं,  तो आपको ADO.NET सीखना Compulsory रूप से जरूरी होता है और उस स्थिति में ये पुस्‍तक आपके लिए काफी उपयोगी साबित होती है, क्‍योंकि इस पुस्‍तक में ADO.NET के निम्‍न Contents को विभिन्‍न प्रकार के Examples द्वारा काफी विस्‍तार से व काफी सरल भाषा में समझाया गया है:

Index of Contents

ADO.NET – Introduction

What is ADO.NET
ADO – The ActiveX Data Object Limitations
      Connected Objects
      Connection Object
      Transaction Object
      DataAdapter Object
      Command Object
      Parameter Object
      DataReader Object
Disconnected Objects
      DataSet Object
      DataTable Object
      DataRow Object
      DataColumn Object
      DataView Object
      Constraints Object
      DataRelation Object
.NET Data Providers
      Using ProviderBase Model
      Third-Party Data Providers
      System.Data.Design Namespace

ADO.NET – Object Model

DbConnection – To Establish Connection
DbCommand – To Execute Command
DbParameter – To Create Parameterized Commands
DataSet – Holding Disconnected Data
DataReader and DataAdapter – To Fetch Resultset
DbDataReader – To Fetch Data in Connected Way
DbDataAdapter – Bridge between Connected and Disconnected
ADO.NET – Exception Handling
      Disconnected Stack Exceptions
      Provider Specific Exceptions
      SqlType Specific Exception
      Other ADO.NET Exceptions
Summary of ADO.NET Data Model
      IDbConnection Interface
      IDbTransaction Interface
      IDbCommand Interface
      IDbDataParameter and IDataParameter Interfaces
      IdbDataAdapter and IDataAdapter Interfaces
      IDataReader and IDataRecord Interfaces
      Data Provider Abstraction Using Interface
      Using Application Configuration File

ADO.NET – Connection Object

Working with ADO.NET Connection
Creating Connection Objects
      BeginTransaction() Method
      ChangeDatabase() Method
      Open() Method
      CreateCommand() Method
      ConnectionString Property
      ConnectionTimeout Property
      Database Property
      State Property
DbConnection Class
Connection Pooling

ADO.NET – Command Object

Retrieving Single Result with ExecuteScalar() Method
      Creating Command Object
      Configuring Command Object
      Executing Command
Retrieving Resultset with ExecuteReader() Method
      IDataRecord Interface
      Common Behavior Parameters of ExecuteReader() Method
Querying Resultset for Storage
Executing Command Asynchronously

Working with Connected Layer Only

Working with Connection Object
Working with Command Object
Working with DataReader Object
      Accessing Multiple Resultsets
Updating Changes in Underlying Database
      Structuring Common Task’s Library
      Adding Connection Logic
      Adding Insertion Logic
      Adding Deletion Logic
      Adding Update Logic
      Adding Selection Logic
Parameterized Command Object
      SQL Injection Attack
      DbParameter Members
      Implementing Standard SQL Queries
      Parameters with Other Data Providers
      Executing Stored Procedures

ADO.NET – DataSets Object

Features of Disconnected Scenario Object
      XML Supported
      History of Changes Maintainable
Architecture of DataSet Object
      Tables Property
      Relations Property
      ExtendedProperties Property
DataTable Object
      Columns Property
      Rows Property
      Constraints Property
DataColumn Object
      Add(“SubTotal”, Type.GetType(“System.Single”, “Sum(Price)”)
DataRow Object
Constraints Object
PrimaryKey Property
DataTable Events
      ColumnChanging Event
      ColumnChanged Event
      RowChanging Event
      RowChanged Event
      RowDeleting Event
      RowDeleted Event
      TableClearing Event
      TableCleared Event
      TableNewRow Event
      DataColumnChangeEventArgs Properties
      DataRowChangeEventArgs Properties
      DataTableClearTableEventHandler Properties
      DataTableNewRowEventHander Properties
Relational Data
      Relations Collection
      Working with DataSet Object
Strongly Typed DataSets
      Building Strongly Typed DataSets

ADO.NET – DataAdapter Object

What is DataAdapter
DataAdapter Architecture
Using DataAdapter
      Accessing Single Table Data with Visual Studio
      Accessing Single Table Data with Manual Coding
      Accessing Multiple Table Data to Fill DataSets
Database Schema Query
      MissingMappingAction and MissingSchemaAction

ADO.NET – Data Updating

Updating Table : Drag-and-Drop Approach
      Using Visual Designer Properly
      Master/Detail or Parent/Child Using Drag-and-Drop
CommandBuilder Object
State Management
      Detached (1)
      UnChanged (2)
      Added (4)
      Deleted (8)
      Modified (16)
SqlBulkCopy Class
Disconnected Data Editing
      Adding New Rows (Records)
      Modifying Existing Row (Records)
      Deleting Existing Row (Records)
Disconnected Data History Handling
      Current Constant
      Original Constant
      Proposed Constant
      Default Constant
Concurrency Understanding
      Pessimistic Concurrency
      Optimistic Concurrency
Concurrency Implementing
      Handling Null Values for DataSet
      Handling Multiple Rows Updating

ADO.NET – Transaction

What is Transaction in Programming
      ACID Properties
      Database Transactions
ADO.NET Transaction Support
      Transaction Class
Creating Transactional Database Application
      Implementing Transactions
Isolation Level Effect
      Isolation Levels
      Isolation Levels of ADO.NET

Working with Disconnected Layer Only

Working with DataSet Object
      DataSet Properties
      DataSet Methods
Working with DataColumn Object
      AllowDBNull Property
      AutoIncrement Property
      AutoIncrementSeed Property
      AutoIncrementStep Property
      Caption Property
      ColumnMapping Property
      ColumnName Property
      DataType Property     
      DefaultValue Property
      Expression Property
      Ordinal Property
      ReadOnly Property
      Table Property
      Unique Property           
Working with DataRow Object
      DataRow Members
      RowState Property in Detail
      DataRowVersion Property in Detail
Working with DataTable Object
       DataTable Members
      Inserting DataTables into DataSet Object
      Obtaining Data in DataSet Object
      Processing DataTable Data Using DataTableReader Object
      XML Serialization of DataTable/DataSet Objects
      Binary Serialization of DataTable/DataSet Objects
Working with DataAdapter Object
      DataAdapter Members
Creating Library for Common Disconnected Functionality
      Configuring DataAdapter
      GetAllProducts() Method Implementation
      UpdateProducts() Method Implementation
Handling Multi-Table DataSet Object with Relationship
      Configuring DataAdapter Objects
      Configuring Relationships between DataTable
      Updating Underlying Database Tables
      Navigation between Related Tables
Working with Strongly Typed DataSet using Data Source
      Understanding the App.config Configuration File
      Understanding the Strongly Typed DataSet
      Understanding the Strongly Typed DataTable
      Understanding the Strongly Typed DataRow
      Understanding the Strongly Typed DataAdapter
Working with Strongly Typed DataSet Using Server Explorer
      Selecting Data with Generated Code
      Inserting New Record with Generated Code
      Deleting Record with Generated Code
      Invoking Stored Procedures using Generated Code

ADO.NET – Searching, Sorting and Filtering

Strongly Typed DataSet Object Setup using Designer
Working with DataTable Object
      Finding Single Required Row
      Retrieving Multiple Rows
      Adding Calculated Column
      Performing Aggregate Calculation
Working with DataRelation Object – Strongly Typed DataSet
Working with DataRelation Object – Simple DataSet
Working with DataView Object
      Creating DataView
      Converting DataView to DataTable

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