About Us

What is BccFalna.com

Generally people ask about the meaning of “BccFalna.com“. Actually, it is an abbreviation of “BetaLab Computer Center”, which was situated at Falna Station – Rajasthan, although I have closed it now properly because I changed my Computer Coaching Center with Online EBooks Selling Business.

But, when my Coaching Center was alive, I selected this Domain Name because I wanted to promote my Coaching Center online in October, 2009 so that I could get more local students to increase my Coaching Business and I wanted to associate my Coaching Center Name with the Domain Name. So, I decided to use the abbreviation of my Coaching Center (BCC) and city name (Falna) in my Domain Name. That’s why, “BetaLab Computer Center, Falna” changed into “BccFalna.com“.

Why I Developed BccFalna.com

When I started this website, I was wishing to help Indian Students whose ENGLISH was very POOR but they really wanted to learn “Computer Programming and Web Development” properly and was not able to because neither there was Good Quality Books nor Enough Information on Internet was available in Hindi Langauge on Computer Programming and Web Development.

While in the duration of coaching from 2004 to 2009 in my Coaching Center, I created so many notes on various programming languages like C, C++, Java, VB, Oracle, etc… in Hindi, which I was using to teach my students and they was getting good marks with learning through those notes because the notes was in Easy to Understand Hindi Language.

So, I thought, I should put these notes ONLINE, so that other Indian Students could also Learn Computer Programming Properly and  can earn Good Marks in their exams and I started to develop BccFalna.com. 

How BccFalna.com Got Current Status

Although, my thought was to help Indian Students, whose ENGLISH was POOR, but I was not able to affoard everything for FREE because Domain, Hosting and various kinds of Advertising to promote the website required MONEY and too much TIME to invest.

So, with the Good Quality Online Information related to Computer Programming and Development, I started to promote my Coaching Center too, so that I could get more new students, although I could not get good success and didn’t receive enough students on my Coaching Center and at last, I closed my Coaching Center.

But, my notes was very effective and easy to learn, so, people started  to flow on my website and started to recommend it with their friend and followers. So, BccFalna.com started to get Good Traffic soon.

After sometime, visitors of BccFalna.com started to ask PDF Version of the whole content, so that they could read the whole content without connecting the internet. I understood the problem of my visitors and tried to fulfill their requirement with creating PDF Version of my notes. But on the same time, my Coaching Center was not in good situation economically and was approximately near to shut down.

Actually, I was struggling to make my Coaching Center successful with trying various ways, but almighty was wishing something else from me and one day, a simple thought came into my mind that if as many people are interested in my Notes, some of them would sure like to pay for it too.

But I was not sure, so, first I tried with an experiment. I started to give PDF Version of my Notes against 5 Emails. I mean, if you want my PDF Version Notes, you need to register 5 EMail Addresses of your friend and followers. Although, people started to cheat and was creating their own 5 EMails to get Free PDF Notes rather than referring my website to their 5 friends and followers to register, but that was a Good Sign for me, because when I was giving my Notes FREE, there was people to get it free, when I started to give them against EMail Addresses, there was again some people doing registration. So, If I start to Sale, there would sure some people too, who would like to buy my Notes too. 

And I was right.

I reformatted all my PDF Version Notes, converted them into PDF Format EBooks, associated a Price Tag with them, developed an EBooks Ordering and Payment Accepting System (because I didn’t have any Payment Gateway) and started to wait.

But I didn’t need to wait too much. I started to make these changes in beginning of April 2012, and on 18th April, 2012 I got my first Sale by Mr. Sanjay Dubey. Although, the amount I received was only Rs. 650/- in my PNB Bank A/c was not too much, but was enough to get me the way about how could I Earn Online.

After that day, I never saw back because I found the way Almighty was wishing me to go on. After that day, very soon, I closed my Coaching Center permanently and started to write more and more EBooks on Various Programming Subjects, I reformatted and Updated my old EBooks many times to keep them updated with current market and only thing I do everyday is, I write more EBooks and Promote them on my Website. 

From April, 2012 I was earning Zero from BccFalna.com while end of the Financial Year in March 31st, 2013 I earned from this website approximately Rs. 60K and from April 2013 to March 2014, I have earned more than Rs. 2 Lakhs, which is Amazing Growth for me, because I was not earning as much money from my Coaching Center, while still I don’t have any Payment Gateway, although most of my customers asks me to give a Easy Way to Pay Online like Payment Gateway and I tried to get one many time but could not be able to fulfill the requirements of PG Providers like TimesMoney and PayU.

What BccFalna.com Future Target is?

The only target of BccFalna.com is to write more EBooks on Various Programming and Web Development Technologies in Hindi and next projects includes ASP.NET WebForms with C# in Hindi, ASP.NET MVC with C# in Hindi, VB.NET in Hindi, JSP in Hindi, Advance Java in Hindi, Servlets in Hindi, Android Development in Hindi, etc… Plus, some of my clients wants Information in ENGLISH, So, I as working on my another domain bccfalna.net too, but main priority at this time is to Develop only HINDI EBOOKS and increase more and more Registered Subscribers.