Advance ASP.NET WebForms in Hindi

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Author:Kuldeep Mishra
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यदि आप Microsoft के .NET Framework पर आधारित ASP.NET WebForms Technology का प्रयोग करते हुए Professional Level Web Applications Develop करना सीखना चाहते हैं, तो ये पुस्‍तक निश्चित रूप से आपके लिए काफी उपयोगी साबित होगी।

जबकि यदि आपने Core ASP.NET WebForms in Hindi पुस्‍तक खरीदी है, तो उस स्थिति में ये पुस्‍तक खरीदना आपके लिए अनिवार्य है, क्‍योंकि ये पुस्‍तक उसी का Advance Part है और यदि आपने Core ASP.NET WebForms in Hindi पुस्‍तक नहीं खरीदी है, तो इस पुस्‍तक में Included Contents आपको उसी स्थिति में ठीक से समझ में आऐंगे, जबकि  आप इसके Core Part को भी खरीदें।

इस पुस्‍तक में निम्‍न Contents को विभिन्‍न प्रकार के Examples द्वारा काफी सरल भाषा में व काफी विस्‍तार से समझाया गया है:

Index of Contents

ASP.NET – Master Pages

Why Master Pages
Master Page Fundamentals
Master Page Coding
Content Page Coding
Mixing Programming Model and Language
Which Master Page to Use
Working with Master-Page Controls
Default Content in Master-Page
Programmatically Assigning Master Page
Browser – Specific Master Pages
Master-Content Page Event Ordering
Master Pages and Output Caching

ASP.NET – Themes and Skins

Applying ASP.NET 2.0 Themes
      Theme for Single ASP.NET Page
      Theme for Entire Application
Removing ASP.NET 2.0 Themes
      Removing Themes from Server Controls
      Removing Themes from Server Web Pages
      StylesheetTheme Attribute
Creating ASP.NET Themes
      Theme Folder Structure
      Working with Skins
      Working with CSS
      Working with Images
      Same Control Multiple Skins
Working with Themes Programmatically
      Assigning Theme to Page
      Assigning SkinID to Controls
      Themes with Custom Controls


Database Fundamentals
Configuring MSSQL Server Express

Data Provider Model
      System.Data.SqlClient namespace
      System.Data.SqlTypes namespace
      System.Data namespace
Connected Data Model
      Connection Creation
      Connection Opening
      Using SELECT Command
      Using DataReader
      Updating Data
      Field Values in TextBox
      Adding Record
      Updating Record
      Deleting Record
Disconnected Data Model
      Selecting Disconnected Data
      Selecting Multiple Tables
      Defining Relationships

ASP.NET – Data Binding

Data-Binding Model
      Feasible Data Sources
      Collection Classes
      ADO.NET Classes
      Queryable Objects
Data-Binding Properties
Data-Binding Basics
      Types of ASP.NET Data-Binding
      Single-Value or Simple Data-Binding
      Repeated-Value or List Data-Binding
      Working of Data-Binding
Using Single-Value Data-Binding
Using Repeated-Value Data-Binding
      Data-Binding with Simple List Controls
      Data-Binding with Dictionary Collection
      Data-Binding with ADO.NET
Working with Data Source Controls
      Page Life Cycle with Data-Binding
SqlDataSource Control
      Working with Command Types
      Working of Data Source Controls
      Record Selection
      Parameterized Command
      Other Types of Parameterized Commands
      Parameterized Stored Procedures
      Setting Parameter with Unknown Value
      Error Handling
      Record Updating
      Record Inserting
      Record Deleting
      SqlDataSource Disadvantages
      Page Embedded Data Access Logic
      Large Applications Maintenance Issue
      Flexibility Issue
      Inappropriate in Other Data Tasks
      ObjectDataSource Control

ASP.NET – Rich Data Controls

GridView – Rich Data Control
      Handling Columns
GridView Formatting
      Fields Formatting
      Defining Styles
      Styling with Visual Studio
      Formatting Specific Values
GridView Row Selection
      Selection for Master-Details Form
      SelectedIndexChanged Event
      Using Data Field as Select Button
GridView Sorting
      Sorting and Selection Issue
      Advance Sorting
GridView Paging
      Automatic Paging
      Paging and Selection
      Customizing Pager
GridView Templates
      Multiple Templates
      Template Editing in Visual Studio
      Event Handling in Template
      Editing with Simple Controls
      Editing with Advance Controls
      Editing without Command Column
ListView – Rich Data Control
DetailsView and FormView
      DetailsView – Rich Data Control
      Fields Defining
      Record Operations
      FormView – Rich Data Control

ASP.NET – Component Based Programming

Why Components
      Better Organization
      Easy Troubleshoot
      Code Reuse
Component Terminology
      Three-Tier Design
      Business Objects
      Data Objects
      Components and Classes
Creating Component
      Classes and Namespaces
      Class Members
      Adding Component Reference
      Using Component
      Properties and State
Data-Access Components
ObjectDataSource Control
      Creating XSD Schema
      Using ObjectDataSource Control


AJAX Fundamentals
      AJAX Advantages
      AJAX Limitations
      AJAX in ASP.NET
      ScriptManager Control
Partial Refresh
      Error Handling
      Conditional Updates
      Progress Notification
      Timely Refreshes
      Optimizing UpdatePanel
AJAX Control Toolkit

ASP.NET – Files and Streams

Files V/s Databases
Working with Files
      Path Class
      Directory and File Classes
      Methods of Directory Class
      Methods of File Class
      DirectoryInfo and FileInfo Classes
      Common Members of DirectoryInfo and FileInfo Class
      Unique Members of DirectoryInfo Class
      Unique Members of FileInfo Class
      DriveInfo Class
      Working with Attributes
      Wildcard File Filters
Working with Streams
      Text Files
      Binary Files
Files Uploading

ASP.NET – Caching

Caching Fundamentals
Output Caching
      Declarative Output Caching
      Caching and Query String
      Caching with Specific Query String Parameters
      Fragment Caching
      Cache Profiles
Data Caching
      Adding Items in Cache
      Caching with Data Source Controls
Caching and Dependencies
      File Dependencies
      Cache Item Dependencies
      SQL Server Cache Dependencies
      Enabling Service Broker
      Initializing Caching Service
      Creating Cache Dependency
ASP.NET – Asynchronous Pages
      Creating Asynchronous Web Page
      Querying Data in Asynchronous Page
      Error Handling
      Caching with Asynchronous Tasks

ASP.NET – Custom User Controls

User Control Fundamentals
      Creating Simple User Control
      Converting Page to User Control
Coding User Controls
      Event Handling
      Properties Adding
      Events Handling

ASP.NET – Custom Server Controls

Custom Server Control Fundamentals
      Creating Custom Server Control
      Using Custom Server Control
      Adding Custom Server Controls in Visual Studio Toolbox
      Custom Server Control with Style Properties
      Rendering Process
Custom Server Control State and Events
      View State
      Control State
      Postback Data and Change Events

ASP.NET – Security Fundamentals

Understanding Security Requirements
Authentication and Authorization
Forms Authentication
      Web.config Settings
      Authorization Rules
      Restricting Access to Specific Directory
      Restricting Access to Specific Files
      Restricting Access to Specific Users
      Login Page
      Retrieving User Identity
      Signing Out
      Persistent Cookies
Windows Authentication
      Web.config Settings

ASP.NET – Membership API

Using Membership API
      Configuring Forms Authentication
      Creating Data Store
      File-Based SQL Server Store
      Configuring Connection String and Membership Provider
Using Security Controls
      CreateUserWizard Control
      Login Control
      Programming Login Control
      LoginStatus Control
      LoginView Control
      PasswordRecovery Control
      ChangePassword Control

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  1. ajay gupta

    Kuldeep bhai good initiative. i purchased it your all .net related book and reading continually, it is helping, but i feel it need more update for a professional. it is very good for a beginner.

  2. Kuldeep

    Very nice and easy to follow ebook. Even DEMO have approximately more than 100 easy to understand pages to read.

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